Please support the 1 September Japan Dolphins Day Protests!

Japan Dolphins Day - Global Protest 1st September 2013

Please support Save Japan Dolphins annual global event 'Japan Dolphins Day'. Please click the dolphins for details!

Olympic Dolphins In The Media

News Media and Bloggers report on the Olympic Dolphins campaign and the dolphin slaughter in Japan.

Together We Can End The Slaughter

There are many things you can do to help save wild and captive dolphins. Please click to learn more!

Japan must end the dolphin and whale hunts!

Please sign the petition

Help us stop the hunt with our petition to the IOC to reject Tokyo's bid for the 2020 Olympic Games unless the Taiji dolphin slaughter comes to an end. We have over 336,225 signatures and counting!

Take Action!

TOGETHER WE CAN END THIS! Those involved want to keep this cruelty hidden from the rest of the world, but knowledge is power -- and together, we can help to end the slaughter! JOIN THE OLYMPIC DOLPHINS CAMPAIGN! Help us save our peaceful marine friends! SIGN OUR PETITION at

IOC Emails

Check out our email correspondence with the International Olympic Committee.
We DO NOT advocate a boycott of Japan or Japanese products, nor do we wish to incite any negativity toward Japanese citizens. Many Japanese people are unaware of this horror or are against it. We want to put pressure on Japan’s government to stop funding these slaughters, and let them know that neither the WORLD nor the International Olympic Organizing Committee condones such cruelty.
“A dolphin’s smile is the greatest deception. It creates the illusion that they’re always happy” ~Richard O’Barry (Former dolphin trainer turned dolphin rights advocate)